10.08.2014 Times they are changing…

Today marks a big change in the history of Waldgeflüster:
From this day on Waldgeflüster is no Solo-Project anymore, but a real band.

This may surprise some of you or not, for me this is a rather big step. For the last couple of years we almost acted like a band, but still I took care of (almost) everything myself. I always thought that a real band would blur my vision of what Waldgeflüster should be.
This will change now.
The guys who helped me out live for the last years really put a lot of work into Waldgeflüster, and I have the feeling that they will respect this vision and will now bring even more creativity, passion and work into this project that has been my life since 2005/2006.
Arvagr, Domi, Markus and Tom are each great mucisians and I am confident with them I found the right people to further improve our sound and style.

So I welcome you guys on board, thank you for your hard work in the last years that you put in Waldgeflüster without being a „real“ part of it. Next weeks Summer Breeze will mark our first public appearance as a band, but we have been working on new material in the last two months already.
The first song for our next record is almost finished, and at least we like it very much! Let’s see with 5 guy working on it, maybe the next album won’t take 3 years.
Cheers, Winterherz


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