Waldgeflüster: Black Metal – Emotional, Profound, Nature-Bound…

Waldgeflüster shows an individual mix of melancholic and nature-bound topics. The project, which was founded in autumn 2005, renders homage to Black Metal and its complexity with every note and every word of the lyrical songs. The first demo „Stimmen im Wind“ was released in the summer of the following year. Via the Label Black Blood Records the debut „Herbstklagen” was published in February 2009. The sound of Waldgeflüster was able to capture the recondite might of nature by harmonic but also overwhelming melodies, while the lyrics underlined the projected thoughts and feelings and therefore perfected the record. With his brother P. Winterherz created the concept-record ‘Femundsmarka – eine Reise in drei Kapitel‘ in 2011. After the release of the follow up “Meine Fesseln”, as of August 2014 Waldgeflüster is no longer a solo-project, but a full band. Having been live-musicians for several years, Arvagr, Domi, Markus and Thomas became full members of Waldgeflüster.

With joining the Swedish label Nordvis Waldgeflüster released their first split with their brothers Panopticon, shortly followed by the praised album “Ruinen”. 2019 marked the release of their 5th full length „Mondscheinsonaten“

Since 2007 Waldgeflüster played many shows throughout Europe and the world, including highlights such as the Summer Breeze and Ragnarök Festivals, a festival by Hammerheart Brewing Company in the US and a tour through Europe in Spring 2018 with Angantyr and Ereb Altor.

In 2021 Waldgeflüster joined the highly acclaimed roster of AOP Records, which will take care of the future endeavors of the band. The year will also the release of their 6th full length record called „Dahoam“. 10 years after the last concept album „Femundsmarka“, which dealt with the insights one can find while traveling abroad in the nature, „Dahoam“ will be its mental follow up and deal with the different aspects of home. Written and sung completely in Bavarian dialect, it marks a search for the soul of this place called home. Embedded in the pictures and metaphors of the beautiful Upper Bavarian landscape, it is intended to be a universal treatise for everyone who is thinking about the different ideas of home.

Winterherz – Vocals
Thomas Birkmaier – Drums
Dominik Frank – Guitars
Markus Frey – Guitars
Avagr – Bass