20.9.2021 Dahoam Merch

Despite „Dahoam“ not being available yet, we decided to release the merchandise in our webshop already. If you don’t care for the physical copy, at least you can order some merch now.

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11.6.2020 Solidarity Merch Update

Up to now we collected 500€ with our solidarity merch campaign. Thank you all for supporting the cause and us with your hard earned money. We have not sold all items yet, this will probably take a while as always. For the money to help now, when it is actually needed, we decided that we will end the campaign and make our donation.

But the band filled up the remaining amount with the money we made from selling other merch, and we personally added some bucks as well, so that I was able to donate 800€ to Aktion Deutschland Hilft today.

Thank you all for making this possible. We hope it helps and that it makes some difference, however small. — Waldgeflüster

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16.5.2020 „Life & Death“ Solidarity Merch – to help people in need

We have been rather quiet throughout this whole crisis called “Covid-19”. Not because we don’t care, more because there was nothing to say. We only had one show postponed – which is sad, nothing more. Waldgeflüster is a thing we do because there is an inner need. We are not depended on it as income, and if we do not play a couple of shows, it doesn’t matter. Every little money this band makes goes directly back into it anyhow. Be it new merchandise, new equipment or the production of a new record. Ok SOMETIMES it’s beer. (I swear, it’s very rare this band pays for beer, mainly because of my expensive taste.)
Anyhow, all of us are safe, and we are doing ok. Also because we are citizens of a country, that has health care for everyone and a social welfare state that won’t let you starve to death, I know we will come out of this alive. Meaning us as persons and the band itself.

But there are people out there, who are not as lucky. Who haven’t been as lucky before this whole thing started, and who are suffering even more now. I hope that sometimes in the future this worldwide pandemic will show us one thing: that what makes us humans the most adapted species on this beautiful planet – that we try to destroy so thoroughly – is our ability to help each other out in times of need. We want lead with example.

Our go-to designer Sarah has a magnificent tattoo shop, which she had to close down for a couple of weeks. So we ordered a new design to support her in this time with almost no income. The design is called “Life & Death” and is there to remind us that both go hand in hand, and that there will be better times again. We printed this on 50 black and 50 charcoal shirts as well as 50 hooded longsleeves and we decided that of each order of this first run we will donate 5€ to https://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/ to help children and refugees during the corona crisis.

As I hate bullshit statements: of course we get something out of this as well. Advertisement/exposure, and some cents or a 1€ per order for us. Also the hope that you will grab some of our other stuff while being in our shop. We are not philanthropists, we just want to reach out a helping hand to those who need it more.

If you can’t afford this new merch but want to help anyhow: sharing this might help to reach someone who does.       

You can find the Shirts and Longsleeve in our shop under „Merch“.

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8.5.2020 Uprising – II

The preorders for Uprising – II are up. Shipping will start around May 15th. All items ordered together with the preorders will be shipped in one package.

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Stimmen im Wind 2020

January 10th will see the release of a completely rerecorded version of the original demo from 2006. 2020 marks the 15th year of existence of Waldgeflüster – time to take a step back and look at some old accomplishments.

We worked on those old songs, improved them where deemed necessary, kept them as they are,where the already shone. But most importantly, the sound is now something I would actually call „sound“. Also Thomas recorded real drums and a Bass track was added.Mixed by yours truly, mastered by Jonas Lindström.

The release will be on Vinyl, including a digital download and a bonus CD that contains the original version from 2006.

Preorders are up now in our store (https://www.waldgefluester.com/?page_id=490) or the ususal suspects:https://smarturl.it/stimmen-im-wind
We will release a first song for you to listen to soonish.

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30.4.19 Mondscheinsonaten Tabs

If you ever wondered how to play our songs and if we actually know what we are doing on our instruments: We uploaded all the guitar pro tabs for „Mondscheinsonaten“ on our homepage. Most of the riffs are very easy, but every now and then we are hiding something in our songs that took us some time to record it properly. Let’s see if you think the same. Have fun!


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17.02.2019 Mondscheinsonaten Preorders are up!

The day is here: The preorders for our new album „Mondscheinsonaten“ are finally online, as well as some new merch! We have 2 shirt designs, one female long sleeve and a zipped hoodie for you. Hope you like them! 
Please note the the zipped hoodie is a leightweighted one. This is not your typical cozy winter hoodie – this one you can wear throught Spring, Summer and Autumn. Prints on front , back and both arms. Right arm says „Mondscheinsonaten“, left arm consists of the inlay design from the album, drawn by Austin Lunn – as do the backs of the shirts.

We won’t complain if you help us by sharing that the preorders are online.

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As promised, here are some more information about our new record Mondscheinsonaten:

It includes 7 tracks, with guest performances by our friends Martin (Dýri Hamarsheimt) on spoken words and Johannes Schermaul on Cello. There will be a CD and a Vinyl version (Black & Grey), the later coming with a download card and a bonus track: An acoustic version of „Der Steppenwolf“. 
The design features pictures taken by my wife Katja van Berlekom, the cover art was drawn again by the talented Miss Sarah Wagner – Tattoo & Design, and the inlay shows some beautiful art done by our friend Austin of Panopticon.

Drumrecording by Lukas Danninger, mixed as always by yours truly (with a little help by Lukas) and mastered to perfection by Jonas Tord Lindström of the mighty Ereb Altor
Thanks to all the people above and also Nordvis for helping us to realize this record.

We are looking forward to finally be able to share this album with you on April 12th. We worked hard on this and I think this is our best work up to date. Again we have taken the typical Waldgeflüster sound and ventured here and there to realms yet unbeknownst to us. Yet the songs are more focussed and approachable in our opinioin. Also there are more blast beats. More blast beats are always good. 
The preorders in our shop will start soon, but we need some more time to finish all the merch designs. I assume nobody wants to order twice just because the merch was not finished yet. So please stay patient with us.


Side A
1. Einleitung
2. Der Steppenwolf
3. Gipfelstürme
Side B
4. Rotgoldene Novemberwälder
5. Und der Wind…
Side C
6. Von Winterwäldern und Mondscheinsonaten
7. Staub in der Lunge
Side D
8. Bonus Track: Der Steppenwolf Acoustic version

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Album announcement

It is finally time to share some news with you: Our new album “Mondscheinsonaten” will be released on April 12th via Nordvis

Today we are releasing the first single “Rotgoldene Novemberwälder”, a song about the colours of autumn, the eternal recurrence and the circle of the seasons. The spoken words are taken from the poem “Herbst” by Theodor Storm and were incredibly transferred into sound by our friend Martin. The pictures on underlying the song on youtube show the woods around the area of our homes that inspired this song.

The single is out on various platforms; we hope you like it. We will release more information about the new record in the next days.

Listen via Spotify, iTunes etc:

Formats and more info:

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9.9.18 We join forces with In Fiction Entertainment

We are happy to announce that we will not only play on next years Dark Troll Festival but also joined the ranks of the great roster of In Fiction Entertainment, who will take over the booking for us from now on. We had a great time at Redback Promotion and wish Domi all the best, we leave in sincerest friendship.

That being said, please contact Tobi at tmoor[at]in-fiction.eu for all future booking inquiries. We are looking forward to this partnership and hope to see a lot of you guys out there on the road!FacebooktwittermailFacebooktwittermail

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