As promised, here are some more information about our new record Mondscheinsonaten:

It includes 7 tracks, with guest performances by our friends Martin (Dýri Hamarsheimt) on spoken words and Johannes Schermaul on Cello. There will be a CD and a Vinyl version (Black & Grey), the later coming with a download card and a bonus track: An acoustic version of „Der Steppenwolf“. 
The design features pictures taken by my wife Katja van Berlekom, the cover art was drawn again by the talented Miss Sarah Wagner – Tattoo & Design, and the inlay shows some beautiful art done by our friend Austin of Panopticon.

Drumrecording by Lukas Danninger, mixed as always by yours truly (with a little help by Lukas) and mastered to perfection by Jonas Tord Lindström of the mighty Ereb Altor
Thanks to all the people above and also Nordvis for helping us to realize this record.

We are looking forward to finally be able to share this album with you on April 12th. We worked hard on this and I think this is our best work up to date. Again we have taken the typical Waldgeflüster sound and ventured here and there to realms yet unbeknownst to us. Yet the songs are more focussed and approachable in our opinioin. Also there are more blast beats. More blast beats are always good. 
The preorders in our shop will start soon, but we need some more time to finish all the merch designs. I assume nobody wants to order twice just because the merch was not finished yet. So please stay patient with us.


Side A
1. Einleitung
2. Der Steppenwolf
3. Gipfelstürme
Side B
4. Rotgoldene Novemberwälder
5. Und der Wind…
Side C
6. Von Winterwäldern und Mondscheinsonaten
7. Staub in der Lunge
Side D
8. Bonus Track: Der Steppenwolf Acoustic version

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