23.05.14 – Nachtstep

So, we got something a bit different for you this time:



The great UNKLANG (https://soundcloud.com/unklang) did a dubstep remix of „Interludium II: Nacht“.
He did this almost 2 years ago when my brother P. and I asked him to do so. And we both love this version of the track.

Originally we had planned to put it on a new release as a bonus track. As it seems there is no possibility for this in the near future, we thought we will just upload it for you guys.

This is a different approach to this song and its topic, but nevertheless dark and mediative… P. and me listened to it one night on our last trekking trip in
Finland in the evening while sitting at the fire, after a long and exhausting day. I will always remember this moment, this certain mood… This is special to me.

I know many of you might not like this. I am aware of this. But I do not believe in musical boundaries.
So maybe you can find something in there that resonates with you. If so, please share this.

You can download the mp3 version of this on our webpage www.waldgefluester.com (Media/Downloads), or on https://soundcloud.com/waldgefluester

I hope some of you give it a try.

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