3.3.14 Update on the wooden boxes

As probably all of you realised, you still don’t have those special editions you already paid for. I am deeply sorry for this massive delay. The wooden boxes arrived in the meantime (and they look very good, at least in my eyes), but now I am waiting for the patches. And this company still hasn’t given me a date when they will deliver those. Be sure that I won’t work with them again.

Also, I probably won’t be offering preorders for anything in the future again. It’s embarrassing to me to keep all you guys waiting that long. I hope all other „customers“ know me as reliable and working on the orders as fast as possible, so this is really painful for me. I know you want to have the stuff you paid for, and even more: I want you to have this long planned and long worked on project holding in your hands.

As a little excuse for keeping you waiting this long, I will add a free poster to every special edition ordered so far. I hope this can compensate the delay at least a little bit…

Once again: I am very sorry, and I hope you will have some more patience with me.

Thanks for your understanding, Winterherz

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