10.01.14 „Meine Fesseln“ is out today/Orders/Special Edition

The day has finally arrived: ‚ Meine Fesseln‘ is out today. I am somehow relieved right now, and also very excited to be able to share my work of the last few years with you guys. Making this record was a tough road sometimes, and I am glad it is finally out of my hands. I hope some of you can find something for themselves in it…

Orders are from this day on also available from me in the official Waldgeflüster Store which you can find on www.waldgefluester.com.
The record is available as CD-Version, as digital download, and there is also a special edition in the making:

This will consist of a wooden box, the CD Version, a patch and a free digital download of the record including the exclusive Bonus Track „Mein verklärter Blick“.
I know that this is a rather expensive thing, but unfortunately so are the production costs for this small amount we are making. So I hope you understand this.

But there are even more news: There are also new Shirts and Girlies available, you can see the design below. This time we have some in black and, like it is the duty of a proper Hipster Band, also in white!
I created also two bundles in the shop for everyone who wants the record and the shirt.

Now the not-so-good news: I still don’t have the physical copies of all of this. The album and the shirts should be with me next week and I will ship them as soon as possible. For the special edition we have to wait for about 3-4 weeks until the wooden boxes arrive… So the shipping of those will take some time. I know this sucks, unfortunately it was not possible to do it otherwise.

BUT: Everyone who orders one of the physical versions of the album will get a digital download right away. As the Waldgeflüster Store is pretty new, and I have not figured out yet how to make a download available directly, you will get an email from me with the link to it as soon as possible. This may take some hours, please be patient with me. Also, if you encounter any problems with the store, please write an email to winterherz@waldgefluester.com, I will take care of it right away.

In the end, I want to thank all the people who made this record possible. Tobi, Austin, Johan, Lukas, Arvagr, Janne, Aimo, Sarah for their creativity, Björn and Marty for giving me the chance to release my music, my love Katja and Kim for the great pr work and Mariana for the new homepage and the shop.

To sum it all up: The album is out now, I hope you enjoy it and see some of you tomorrow at the release show at the Bavarian Battle Winter:

Cheers, Winterherz

Meine Fesseln Shirt Schwarz Vorlage3 Meine Fesseln Shirt Schwarz Vorlage weiß3

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