4.3.18 Store reopened, Update on Ruinen LP

Good news,

our store is finally reopened again. The tour was a complete success, so we are out of stock on some items and sizes, but we still have plenty left overall.

Now the bad news: The Ruinen LPs still have not arrived, and the pressing plant did not even give a new date yet when that will happen. Please rest assured that we are as pissed off as you, and Nordvis promised me never to work with this plant again.

Tha being said: I am very sorry for the people who preordered on the tour. We will send out the preorderes as fast as possible, once we received the LPs.

Due to these circumstances, I will not make the preorders available online, until I have a new and commited date for the delivery.

Thanks for your understanding, Winterherz

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