27.8.2017 Wolfskull Shirt

As promised some time ago, we have some new shirts named „Wolfskull“ for you with a neat design by our friend Nate Burns! We have printed it on Gildan shirts, as well as some male and female tanks. Price is 15€. As always you get it in our store at www.waldgefluester.com. Hope you like it!

A personal note on the side: As frome some time next week on I won’t be the only person anymore in our home that screams it’s pain out into the world at the top of it’s lung – although I still hope that my problems are a bit more profound than “I need to barf” – it might be that there will be some slight delays in shipping, answering and so on. We will give our best to work on your orders as fast as possible, but for once my wife and me will have to focus on something more important than this band. Thanks for your understanding!


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