12.2.2016 Split with Panopticon

Finally we can share some news with you, that I have been hinting at for a couple of years now: On March 11th a project will be released that was in the planning since 2011, when I first met someone who should become one of my closest firends: Mr. Austin Lunn of the astonishing PANOPTICON. We met for the first time in Norway and got pretty drunk together, which ended in the in those famous musician words: „we should do a split together“. So that’s when this idea was born, and I am so happy and proud to finally present this. It’s a release that tells of friendship, woods and growing older. 1 original Black Metal song of each and one cover of an acoustic song of the other. So here it is, the trailer and the release information by Nordvis and Bindung Recordings.

Panopticon – Waldgeflüster Split Trailer

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